Rent a Cessna 152

Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 with an all-metal constructed airframe is one of the smallest, 4-cylinder engine, two-seater airplane, used primarily for flight training and personal use.

People who have experience flying Cessna 152 like this airplane, because they are forgiving- they are in fact the plane most people learned how to fly in.

First built in 1977, by Cessna Aircraft, the Cessna 152 quickly became a major success for the company. Production of the 152 was ended in 1985 when Cessna ended production of all of their light aircraft.

With just the pilot and some luggage, this two-seater can take up to 37.5 gallons of fuel in both wings. This averages about 5 hours of flying time, which gives you a range of about 500 Nm, or 900 km.

If you considering renting for pleasure, Private Pilots License or Instrument Rating, The Cessna 152 is the best option for the smart, cost conscious pilot.

Private Pilot Trainer.

With a burn rate of less than 6 gallons per hr, the Cessna 152 is the least expensive and easiest aircraft to train for your PPL Private Pilot License.

IFR Instrument Rating

Looking to get your IFR Instrument rating, This Duel/Nav Come IFR with Glide Slope Cessna 152 is the solution. Full 6-pack avionics with duel Navigation and Duel Cessna Radio Stacks.

Leisure Flying

The Cessna 152 is a great short distance cruiser and a pretty comfortable ride. Take to the skies and add a few hours to that old logbook.