How to figure out if an Online Poker site is genuine

Poker terpercaya

rentcessna152.comHow to figure out if an Online Poker site is genuine. According to the Netcraft Web Server Survey, currently, there are around 1.9 billion websites. In Indonesia, there are over two lakhs website but very less online gambling sites. However, poker is banned in Indonesia. Hence, in these circumstances, how to assume if an online poker website is genuine or not.

Poker terpercaya

Some of the easy ways to find its authenticity

  • Search Engine: One of the easy way is to type the site name in the google or any search engine. If it comes out in the first few search then it can be a proof for being genuine.
  • Web browser: Web browsers like Google, Yahoo and Bing; they do have their own security. If an online poker site is not secured, the web browser will give a warning message. Hence, trust your web browser.
  • Trust seals: Check for the trusted seals in the online poker sites for its trust.
  • Website Domain: There are many countries where online gambling is banned. Therefore, before entering the site, try searching for online poker banned countries and one will know its validity.
  • Website who screens sites: Just type the URL by sites like, and it will tell the site being fake or not.
  • Certificate checking: While visiting the site try to check for its certificate and whether the connection is secured or not. This can be seen in any of the browser, where they demonstrate the authentication is legitimate or not.
  • Online Poker Community: There are many online poker communities where people discuss about these websites to be genuine or not. Even many Indonesians are there who likes to play online poker put their perspectives for their legitimacy.
  • Site traffic: There are many website, which shows the traffic of the online poker site. If there are huge traffics, which means there are lot of people playing on it. This can also be a proof for being trust worthy.
  • Online Payment gateway: As online poker sites deals with money so the payment gateway method needs to be secured. Suppose an Indonesian registered on an online poker site and the payment is being done. The online payment gateway is a proof to check its authenticity.

These are some easy ways to check for the authenticity of Poker terpercaya sites. Make sure to have a habit to check the website authenticity for safety purpose.

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